One Late Night – Free Horror Game

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  1. DrPandan Says:

    It’s “ouija board”, actually.

  2. xGogert777x Says:

    Robbaz… don’t invite yourself

  3. JaZeBlaDeZ Says:

    can i ?

  4. ryan marley Says:

    R.I.P ear phone user’s. 14:20.

  5. SouljaStarz Says:

    OH TITS 29:59:41

  6. amessmer41 Says:

    12:34 troll!

  7. philip moreno Says:

    slendermans girlfreind

  8. TheArtiest1 Says:

    Love the accent!!!!:)

  9. ROYGBIV212 Says:

    That would be me…

  10. ROYGBIV212 Says:


  11. tyrell124246 Says:

    Did anyone else see walrus in that Skittles commercial?

  12. TheHotHelios Says:

    this game will haunt my dreams for eternity.

  13. shockwave6211 Says:

    The game developer is actually Swedish, and the game is based in a Swedish office which is why you could see Swedish writing at 3:35 :).

  14. Tiejten Says:

    I know, I was cracking up on how he said it

  15. Magvam Says:

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  16. oyvind kahrn Says:

    you know about cr1tikal?

  17. CheatsEnabled Says:

    How dare you!
    Insulting Far Cry 3 by saying COD in the same sentence!

  18. CheatsEnabled Says:

    at 12:37 that Troll face reminds me of someone at my school. He’s always printing them off and sticking them in random places like on photos of people.

  19. Zlobivka Says:

    oh no, it’s a flAsh light :)

  20. CheatsEnabled Says:

    When the swirling effect starts…

  21. Archie Dubey Says:

    Almost said “time to get kinky” when he found the fl(a/e)shlight

  22. awesomeman00000 Says:

    lol at 6:12

  23. gamepwner56 Says:

    You are boring me with original comments. :)

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