How to get All Steam Games for FREE 100% Working 2013!

get all steam games for free with the updated link for the new version: Green Luma 2.2.6: (steam unlocker Green luma) to get and download all steam games for…

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  1. kaposztafos Says:

    very nice tutorial

  2. Luke Darwel Says:

    WORKED FOR ME!!!!! ty so muchhhh <3

  3. CrackerBrand Says:


  4. Brett Assirati Says:

    can you get banned off steam for this? good tutorial

  5. ekiller999 Says:

    ty mate: and no you can’t get banned as its is still undetected, and its like you have bought the games so need to worry about 😀

  6. VacRooster Says:

    So… does this actually work? Because I know of several very similar “every steam game free” tricks that all don’t.

  7. ekiller999 Says:

    of course it works! you just need to get a good software to do it and be sure its undetected which here is the case :)

  8. Abed Nadir Says:

    How do you extract those files? Just move them? or something else? Please respond!

  9. ekiller999 Says:

    you just move them

  10. steve3447 Says:

    it took me 3 hours 😛 and thank you for the game by the way just finished it :)

  11. TheCousinClub100 Says:

    Nice bto thx

  12. tradera100 Says:

    Wow i just received my game from : SURVEYFORSOFTWARE(dot)TK

    wow it did really work and they deliver the product in only 24h amazing !

  13. Abed Nadir Says:

    I LOVE YOU FULL HOMO thankyou!!!!!!!!

  14. WhatTheFeatherTV Says:


  15. warmman222 Says:

    great vid

  16. kenny luah Says:

    Free Steam/Origin Games by playing flash game.

  17. DxGTutorials Says:

    does it work

  18. ekiller999 Says:

    of course it works, so many people are happy with it, just think about it : you can play every game you want for free on steam!

  19. Zsiga Fülöp Says:

    It actually works !!! THANKS MAN

  20. ekiller999 Says:

    glad it worked man :) enjoy

  21. EviLMasTerM1nD Says:

    is civ 5 in there

  22. EviLMasTerM1nD Says:

    when i open the link all i see are gears grinding

  23. ekiller999 Says:

    of course it is

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