How to download PS3 Games FREE with a USB Flash Drive

How to download PS3 Games Free – Hey guys, we are gamers in which like to help out other people. We have been uploading free ps3 g…

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  1. CompilationVideosEsp Says:

    This totally works man thank you so much time to play black ops 2

  2. BioThermicGFX Says:

    if only there was madden 13 ): lol

  3. Aicha Miller Says:

    It’s very simple! Witch download file is a instruction.

  4. billywillson71 Says:

    thx dude it worked lol

  5. hamelapacum Says:

    Then how do you put the game on your system With USB

  6. Ruben Moreno Says:

    Then how do you put the game on your system With USB

  7. LogEditing Says:

    I want to play San Andreas lol

  8. DickKilla Says:

    Sweet man just got grand theft auto 4 😀

  9. mkptong3 Says:

    How did it work for you man

  10. DuKeZzYT Says:

    like for fast download

  11. itheporterzZ Says:

    If the game can’t make save data what i need to do Tnx very much.

  12. zCoNNx Says:

    shut no sitting?

  13. zCoNNx Says:

    why no skyrim?

  14. gopugs101 Says:

    unhandled exception???????

  15. GSeymourProductions Says:

    There is no copy content for me under system settings… Someone please hell!

  16. xTheShadow95x Says:

    do you have a costum firmware on your ps3? or is it just download, put it on the usb flashdrive and play it on the ps3? 😉

  17. Khang Cung Says:

    can it be 32 gb

  18. zIm Cilent Says:


  19. Chidori Harezz Says:

    do my ps3 need to jailbreak?

  20. GetFreePS3Games Says:

    Make sure you download WinRar before trying to extract it. 7Zip will not work, can’t handle the size.

  21. jason Goodwin Says:

    you went full retard

  22. kyo yamahara Says:

    I love your video, but no offense website sucks when it comes to downloading “god dam survey”

  23. Serbia Djucca Says:


  24. John Alex Says:

    jailbreak ps3??

  25. VeganVampire666 Says:

    there is an ad when i go to download it. what do i do

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